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Commercial Pool Services

Welcome to Platinum Pools, your premier provider of comprehensive commercial pool services in Omaha, Nebraska since 2006. We specialize in catering to the unique needs of commercial pool owners and operators, offering a wide range of services to keep your pool safe and clean, in optimal condition. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, you can trust our team to maintain a stunning pool environment for your guests.


Pool Openings

When the weather warms up, the last thing you want to do is wait to swim because your pool isn’t ready yet. Our experienced team will efficiently and effectively prepare your pool for the swimming season. We can handle everything from removing covers and inspecting equipment, to balancing water chemistry, ensuring a smooth and safe pool opening process. We can handle as little or as much as you like, from us assisting you or having us do everything for you.

Pool Closings

When it’s time to close your pool down for the season, we’ll take care of all the necessary steps to protect your pool and equipment during the winter months. From draining water and winterizing equipment, to installing safety covers, and conducting a thorough closing procedure, we provide a hassle-free closing experience.

Daily and Weekly Cleaning Services

You can maintain a pristine and inviting pool environment with our reliable daily and weekly cleaning services. Our dedicated team will vacuum, skim, brush and clean all pool surfaces, ensuring optimal water quality and a pleasurable swimming experience for your guests. We can customize this service to your needs.

Chemical Delivery

Simplify your pool maintenance routine with our convenient chemical delivery service. We’ll deliver high-quality pool chemicals directly to your facility, ensuring you have the necessary supplies to maintain balanced water chemistry and a safe swimming environment.

Chemical Automation

Take advantage of our advanced chemical automation systems that  control your pool’s chemical levels. Our automated systems provide accurate dosing and consistent water quality, minimizing the risk of imbalances or fluctuations.

Liquid Chlorine

We also offer reliable liquid chlorine delivery, providing an effective sanitizer for your pool. 

Safety Cover Replacement

If your pool’s safety cover is worn or damaged, our team can replace it with a durable and reliable custom cover. Ensure the safety of your guests with a high-quality safety cover that meets the industry’s highest standards.


Empower your staff with our comprehensive pool maintenance and operation training sessions. Our licensed, experienced instructors will educate your team on proper cleaning techniques, chemical handling, equipment maintenance, and safety protocols, making sure they have the knowledge and skills to maintain your pool’s optimal condition.

Repair and Maintenance

Trust our skilled technicians to handle all your commercial pool maintenance and repair needs. From routine equipment inspections to troubleshooting and resolving maintenance issues, we provide prompt and reliable services to keep your pool operating smoothly.

Pump/Heater/Filter Replacement

When it’s time to upgrade or replace your pool equipment, we can provide professional installation services. Our team will help you select the right pump, heater, or filter and ensure proper installation for efficient and reliable operation.

Filter Sand Removal and Replacement

Improve filtration efficiency and water clarity with our sand removal and replacement services. Over time, sand filters can become clogged or inefficient. Our team will remove the old sand and replace it, restoring your filter’s performance.

Pool Painting

Transform the look of your commercial pool with our expert pool painting services. Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint or a complete color change, we will deliver exceptional results that enhance the aesthetics of your pool and create a visually stunning swimming environment.

Power Washing and Winter Debris Removal

Before the swimming season begins, we will power wash pool surfaces and remove any debris that has accumulated during the winter months. Our thorough cleaning process ensures a clean and inviting pool environment for your guests.

Waterslide/Water Feature Installation

Elevate your pool experience with our waterslide and water feature installation services. Our team will help you design and install exciting water features that add an element of fun and excitement to your pool area.


If your pool’s surfaces require resurfacing or restoration, our sandblasting services can effectively remove old layers of paint or stains. We’ll prepare the surface for refinishing, leaving you with a beautifully restored pool.

Water Chemistry Troubleshooting

Maintain balanced and healthy water chemistry with our expert troubleshooting services. If you’re experiencing water quality issues or imbalances, our team will diagnose the problem and provide effective solutions to restore optimal water conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: The frequency of pool cleaning depends on several factors, including pool usage, bather load, and environmental conditions. We can tailor a cleaning schedule based on your specific needs.

A: Absolutely! Our experienced team is equipped to handle commercial pools of all sizes. We have the resources, expertise, and industry knowledge to efficiently clean, maintain, and repair large commercial pools.

A: Yes, our pool services are available year-round to ensure the ongoing maintenance and care of your commercial pool. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, you can rely on us to keep your pool in optimal condition.

A: Certainly! We understand that every pool is unique, and we can customize a cleaning plan specific to your pool. Our team will work closely with you to assess your pool's needs and create a tailored cleaning plan that ensures its longevity and performance.

A: Yes, we provide emergency repair services for commercial pools. We understand that unexpected issues can arise, and we're here to address them promptly and effectively to minimize downtime and safeguard your guests. Contact us at 402-312-6071.

A: Absolutely! Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and experienced in commercial pool services. They stay up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices to deliver exceptional service, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

A: At Platinum Pools, we take pride in our attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and commitment to excellence. We are members of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, and all our technicians regularly attend seminars and training sessions all over the country every year to keep up on their training. We are certified pool nerds! We love this stuff! We go above and beyond every time to ensure your complete satisfaction, and we treat your pool as if it were our own. With our comprehensive range of services and experienced team, we are your one-stop solution for all your commercial pool needs!

If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated team at Platinum Pools is here to provide exceptional residential pool opening services in Omaha, Nebraska, and ensure your pool is ready for a season of enjoyment.

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